Crab Artist,
Bill Mancos

About the Blue Crab Artist

Bill Mancos is a self-taught artist, born in 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia.  He still lives and paints

in the same area, close to the bay and the creeks

that inspired him as a boy.

His parents and two      brothers

said that Bill always used his discretionary time to

draw fish in the winter, and blue crabs in the summer,

that his father would catch, and bring home to eat.

   All of the  family loved to eat the seafood, but Bill

loved  drawing  the blue crabs and fish as much as

he did eating them.

   The quality of his blue crab art continued to improve

until now, when he feels that his latest  blue crabs are

finally good enough for YOUR wall !!!!!!!!!!

   Bill Mancos considers his blue crab to be a

artistic version of the "callinectes sapidus", meaning

"beautiful swimmer" -------The majestic,


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